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tv   BBC News  BBC News  December 23, 2016 1:30pm-2:01pm GMT

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would somebody punch or kick, or urinate on a rough sleeper? the answer is usually alcohol. rough sleepers rarely report abuses to the police, feeling they won't be believed. officers say they protect everyone and will fully investigate all crimes. michael buchanan, bbc news. time for a look at the weather. here's john hammond. amid the hurly—burly of the christmas preparations, some hurly—burly weather. it will only affect various parts of the country at various times. we will go through sequentially. this is a shot from the highlands in scotland. it sets the highlands in scotland. it sets the scene for wet and windy weather, courtesy of storm barbara. the core of storm barbara, whistling up to the north of the uk. draped around it, all of those ring clouds. intense rainfall sweeping southwards across england and wales over the next few hours. very squally wind,
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but a 70 mph in exposed areas right now. as that clears through, don't be lulled into a sense of security across the far north of scotland. here, the wind will strengthen even further. this is not the wildest weather that the north of scotland has ever experienced. let's put it into context. but it is enough to cause significant disruption, possibly some power outages with winds of 80 and possibly 90 mph, hence the amber warning from the met 0ffice. be prepared for storm barbara through this evening. gales blowing as we head into the early hours of christmas eve. it turns colder, sleet and snow down to quite low levels, a lot of snow for highland areas of scotland. quieter further south. but we will start christmas eve on a chilly note, wherever you are. there goes barbara. we are into a run of strong, westerly wind. chilly westerly wind through christmas eve.
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pledge of sunshine across southern areas. here, a brightand pledge of sunshine across southern areas. here, a bright and breezy day. very strong winds still across northern parts of the uk and further frequent wintry showers, particularly north of the central belt. showers for scotland, northern ireland and northern england. 7 degrees should not feel too bad, colder further north. things go downhill on was received, with wet weather spilling in across northern ireland, parts of scotland. the wind intensifying further as the next deep area of low pressure arrives. we will have some fairly warm air for a time on christmas eve, remarkably mild. that is the story for christmas day. for a time, at least, very mild indeed, tempered by the wind. temperature is open to mid teens for many of us as we start the day on christmas morning. very windy and pretty wet weather sweeping into the northwest. that cold front is quite important, because as we move to christmas day a band of rain will push the cloud across the country.
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behind that, as it is a cold front, temperatures will fall. by christmas night it will be cold enough for some snow over the high ground of northern scotland. for a few of us, a white christmas. is that the end of things? not quite. that will develop into the next named storm, conor. it will only affect the far north of scotland with any intensity, gusts of 90 mph enough to cause disruption. further south, a largely bright and breezy day, a hint that things will eventually settle down later on. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. time this sport. sam allardyce is travelling to london to meet sam parish crystal palace chairman. they
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wa nt parish crystal palace chairman. they want sam alla rdyce to parish crystal palace chairman. they want sam allardyce to replace alan pardew. want sam allardyce to replace alan pa rdew. crystal palace want sam allardyce to replace alan pardew. crystal palace are just sitting above the relegation zone. palliser video will be done —— palace hope the deal will be done for their next game on boxing day. chelsea have agreed to sell their player 0skar to a chinese club the seventh most expensive player in history. 0scar has been at stamford bridge forfour and history. 0scar has been at stamford bridge for four and half years now during which time he won the premier league, europa league, but has not had much of a look in during antonio conte‘s managerial spell. morgan schneider lynn will be available
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says jose mourinho for southampton. arsenal striker danny welbeck has returned to training after missing seven months with a knee injury. something confirmed that he will return to the team. glasses on him it to lima missed ten months with a knee injury. i'm confident it will be back. we need some time. it is his first team training. of course, it is fantastic. for here it is like starting a new career because he has been out for such a long time. i'm a bit cautious. little setbacks that you have after being back for a long time. you have to be patient. two—time wimbledon champion says she does not see herself as a victim and does not see herself as a victim and does not see herself as a victim and does not feel sorry for herself despite suffering a knife attack in her own home. she left hospital today after needing surgery on her
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left hand following the burglary in the czech republic. doctors said she would need to spend six months out, but then will hopefully be able to resume her career. yesterday morning, during the session with the doctor, i was able to move the fingers. former british champion nick blackwell has awoken from a coma. he had surgery to reduce spelling to his brain. the return to sparring in an unsanctioned move last month on month. he was in an induced cover after a fight with chrissy brand junior. if future of the former super league champions the bradford bulls should be clearer today. they went into administration for the third time in four years last month. we understand the r f l is happy with the bid. that is all the sport we have for you today. you can find all the stories on the bbc sport website as sam allardyce moves
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towards taking over crystal palace. we will have more fever the next hour. thank you, we will see later on. the time is 137. more now on the libyan plane that's been hijacked and diverted to malta. it was an internal libyan flight, it's now sitting on the tarmac at a malta airport. there are pictures from recent period of time. a few passengers have been let off. there were initially 111 passengers on board but in the last hour or so, 25 of them have been released. local media are reporting that two individuals are threatening to blow up the airbus a320
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with hand grenades. with me now is our correspondent smitha mundasad. as far as we understand it, these are passengers being left off the plane. from what we understand, or from the pictures we are seeing, we're seeing some passengers, first women and children gingerly making their way off the plane. it appeared also that some men have made their way off the plane. there are still about 30 or a0 passengers on board and of course the crew members. it think about seven crew members on board. we have not seen any of them leave. of course, we remake all these people. 0ver leave. of course, we remake all these people. over 100 people have been these people. 0ver100 people have been sitting on the tarmac for more than two hours with the engines still running. they had been expected said they would go to the capital of malta. —— tunisia. the
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key question is what is it that these passengers want? that is the key question. have their requests be met? we do not know yet. the other question is if they do have weapons, how did they make it on board a plane? there are lots of security at the airport as you would expect and as one disposal expert, negotiators for hostages, things are attracted to move over the next few hours. letters but in a bid of context. all the flights in malta have now been delayed. we know of two british flights, one from gatwick, british airways flight that has been devoted to sicily, the other in easyjet flight to sicily, the other in easyjet flight that has been devoted to sicily. as you can see in these pictures, people are storage and julie coming away and we still have lots to learn about the situation. all right. i know you'll keep us up—to—date. we will stay across that. thank you for now. we'll keep an eye on that. that is the
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situation and malta. people are still disliking that plane, so we will bring you any further information that comes through. we will also of course when you up—to—date with the other main story. the shooting of tunisian terrorist suspect anis amri. it's been confirmed by the italian authorities that he is the man who was shot dead in milan overnight. he's understood to have travelled to italy from germany via france, even as europe—wide manhunt intensified. that confirmation came from the italian interior minister at a news conference last night, at three in the morning, in milan, during a normal patrol of our police officers,
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one of our police officers on patrol stopped a person who looked very suspect, who was just walking around, looking very suspect. in the moment he was stopped, the man without hesitating, he immediately took his gun and shot. he shot. he shot at the police officer who asked him for his identification papers. the police officer, christian movio, immediately reacted to the shoot out. luckily, our police officer was not shot fatally and he is now in hospital recovering. the police officers
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reacted to the shoot out. the person who attacked our police officer was killed. the police officers on patrol... the person who was killed, there is no doubt that the person who was killed is anis amri. the suspect of the terror attack in berlin. 0ur reporterjulian miglierini is outside the train station
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in a suburb of milan where anis amri, the man suspected of carrying out the berlin christmas market attack was shot dead by police. a chalk circle and a bloodstain on what we think is the exact location where two one was shot by the italian police. we understand by the information given to us by the italian interior minister that he got off a train here in the suburb of milan in sesto san giovanni and he was stopped by police for a regular identity check. he then extracted a gun out of his backpack and shot one police officer who was injured. a shoot out occured and he died. he spent five years here, four of which in a jail in sicily. he was known for his viole nt behaviour. eventually, he was issued with a deportation order which did
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not materialise and eventually escaped to germany where he is believed to have taken part in and carried out those attacks in berlin. here's what's known about anis amri's movements prior to the berlin attack. anis amri left his family in tunisia, travelling illegally to italy in 2011. he spent four years there injailfor arson, but without a passport, he couldn't be deported to tunisia. so last year he moved to kleve in germany. denied asylum, once again he wasn't deported. security services feared he was trying to get automatic weapons for an attack but with no new evidence, surveillance of him was halted in september. we will keep you up—to—date with
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that story and with the aeroplane hijacked situation in malta. that is oui’ hijacked situation in malta. that is our main story. a libyan passenger plane with more than 100 people on board has been hijacked. anis amri, the main suspect in the berlin lorry attack, has been shot dead in milan by the italian police. germany says the terrorism threat in the country remains high. another serious prison disturbance is brought to an end — after 60 inmates took over a wing of hmp swaleside. in the business news: germany's deutsche bank says it has agreed a £5.9 billion payment to us
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authorities over an investigation into its role in the financial crisis. credit suisse also announced a similar deal, while barclays is now under investigation aswell. is now under investigation as well. more on this in a moment some positive news for the uk economy. the latest revised figures show that it grew by more than previously thought between october and december this year thanks to more output from business financial services. the consumer group which has begun legal action to strengthen protection for the owners of tumble dryers that pose a fire risk. 5 million affected machines were sold between 200a and 2015. the manufacturer, whirlpool, is carrying out a repair programme. the sale of residential mortgage—backed financial products played a significant role in the 2008 financial crisis. several banks in the us have been subject to investigations over allegations of giving mortgages to unqualified borrowers,
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then repackaging those loans as safe investments and selling the risk on to others. the inquiries related to deals done between 2005 and 2007. deutche bank will now have to fork out £5.9 billion. justin urquhat stewart is from seven investment management. a lot less than originally thought they would have to pay. the us authorities have cut that fine considerably. yes, originally they we re considerably. yes, originally they were seeking $1a billion. considerably. yes, originally they were seeking $14 billion. that link us were seeking $14 billion. that link us in half. it is process of negotiation. as part of that deal, we're seeing that deutche bank is going to be paying some compensation to customers. that compensation is going to look like some easing of some of the mortgage payments and making the loan is a little bit easierfor making the loan is a little bit
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easier for current customers. this israeli important for both the us justice department and the deutche bank. fully deutche bank eerily puts the involvement behind, delete them. this something is really been weighing on deutche bank. investors we re weighing on deutche bank. investors were certainly spooked by that $1a billion number. some have been pulling money out of the bank. this is good news for the justice department and america. it is really been trying to getjustice and hold banks responsible for the role in the financial crisis. this gets them one step closer to that. deutche bank are not the only bank in the firing line. a swiss bank struck a similar deal and also barkley. under investigation. the entire banking sector has been paying billions of dollars in fines in their roles for their involvement. these are just their involvement. these are just the latest banks to start paying these fines. yes, in the example of
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these fines. yes, in the example of the swiss bank, they too have also come to an agreement. when it comes to ba rclays, come to an agreement. when it comes to barclays, the usjustice department could not come to an agreement on a fine or the amount that they should pay and that is why the us justice that they should pay and that is why the usjustice department is now going after them and is going to litigate against them. they could not come to some sort of agreement. here's some other business stories we've been following today. planned strikes by british airways cabin crew on christmas day and boxing day have been suspended. employees were due to walk out in a row over pay and conditions. the unite union said a,500 workers employed on so—called "mixed fleet" contracts who have joined since 2010 were on lower pay than other staff. talks at conciliation service acas have led to a revised offer which will be put to a ballot of union members. the government is to introduce a £60 million annual fund to help areas of england with high levels
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of second—home ownership to "tackle the problem". the money, to be shared by 150 councils over five years, will go into providing "affordable" housing for first—time buyers in places where demand is high. the money has been raised through increases in stamp duty. one—third of it will go to south—west england. many people working in the public sector have suffered real terms pay cuts over the last five years. according to the tuc, the real annual salaries of emergency workers, many of whom will be working over christmas, have dropped by thousands of pounds. the treasury said "difficult decisions" on public sector pay would protect 200,000 jobs. london's eaton square has been named the most expensive place to buy property in britain, with a home costing an average of nearly £17 million. the belgravia address tops a list that shows every english region now contains "million pound" streets. the scores, st andrews, tops scotland's list with an average of almost £2.2m. the quick look at the markets. the
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ftse finishing above 7000 points. that's all the business news. half day trading. how nice. letters have update on what is happening on the ground in malta. in the last few moments from their tweets coming out from the authorities in malta saying the crewmembers are now being released from this plane. we very recent images. we have seen passages been let off, of course, female passengers and children were let off first. mel passengers were allowed to go. this tweetjust in the last
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few moments suggest that crewmembers are being released. we are not clear about this. this was a libya internal flight to remind you. about this. this was a libya internalflight to remind you. it was due to land in tripoli. but it is now on the tarmac in the letter in malta. we do not have confirmation that everybody is. that simply is not clear. but it appears that certainly some crew members have been let off. 111 passengers and seven crew on board. we are of course keeping an eye on that. york minster‘s main bells have rung out for the first time since its entire 30—strong team of bell—ringers were dismissed, more than ten weeks ago. the bells were rung ahead of the minster‘s service of nine lessons and carols last night.
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the minster dismissed its bell—ringing team in october, citing safeguarding issues. this is the sound that yorkers be missing for two months. in october, the bills top. two days after the group was stood down by the minster, we're hoping that before long the bells will ring again. we are very grateful by the by the ringers. the people who've come forward to try and help us move forward. there they go again. such a wonderful sound. singing the glory of god. there are concerns of the self—governing procedures. it comes after there was talk of a serious assault against young girls. no charges were ever brought. the previous bell—ringing
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tea m brought. the previous bell—ringing team have denied any involvement in that intimidation and said they had tried to find a way forward. the minster are now working towards a permanent solution with a new team. we are going to be recruiting a new band in the new year. yes, we have some volunteers specially for this criticism. yes, it is an interim to make sure that for the benefit of all those coming to worship and those citizens of york, they know that there is a very special service for christmas happening tonight. this time because of the way the process to abide by the processes. it is great to hear the bells again. the service was wonderful, as well. any row that has been going on. dispute. i'm glad it is finished. it is nice to have them back. dispute. i'm glad it is finished. it is nice to have them backlj dispute. i'm glad it is finished. it is nice to have them back. i thought it was absolutely wonderful. it is great to hear them ringing out again across the york. wonderful sound. it makes a christmas i think. it is a
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time for forgiveness. let us hope that it that is what has happened and we have sorted things out. now, just briefly to tell you, before we talk about the weather prospects, we're talking about how depressing the news is. here is a bigger little more cheerful. a festival where attendees laugh for 20 minutes. it is something that happens in a shrine in the japanese city of 0saka. during the event, priests lead the crowd for 20—minutes of laughter to welcome more luck and joy in the new year. there's also a laughing contest in which anyone can take apart. i think natural laughter is more the thing. time for a look at the weather. hello jane. yes. wet and windy
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weather. some main storms you may have heard, but they're not going to affect all of us to any great intensity. it will be quite selective in pinpointing where and when the worst of the stormy weather is going to occur. some pretty wild weather at the moment. the band of heavy rain sweeping down towards the south—east this afternoon. squally winds. associated with that. not great travelling conditions. later on this afternoon and through this evening, the core of the strongest winds hits the far north of scotland. gusts of 80 and possibly 90 must row. now, these aren't alarmingly strong wind for this part of the winds forced to macworld. —— pa rt of the winds forced to macworld. —— part of the world. we get these relatively regularly. be prepared. there is a gale blowing as we head into the early hours of christmas eve. frequent wintry showers again. watch out for is here. further south, it is quite. it is not so
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cold. a crisp start to christmas eve. there goes bra bra. we are in a run of westerly winds. chilly. the northern half of the uk. further sleet and showers. low levels across highland scotland. further south, mostly rain showers, northern ireland, northern england. the odd rain shower. a bright and breezy day. further north, that will have a real edge to it. particularly when those showers come along. heading into the evening, northern ireland and scotland and wet weather sweeping in and stretches of rain in northern england. the next evening area of low pressure which is following a similar track. there will be a very mild christmas morning. temperatures into the low and mid teens. it will be very windy and mid teens. it will be very windy and this band of rain on a cold front. it wait north—west to south—east. rain heading in this direction. the cold front is quite
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important because behind that later on christmas day you will see a drop in temperatures and it we could see some showers showing up over the highlands. a few of the scummy guess technically a white christmas. two things settle down was not ready. that the area of low pressure turned into storm connor. it is just been named. it is just the far north of scotla nd named. it is just the far north of scotland which will bear the norm of that. —— bear the brunt of that. further south, wind is not so strong. should be largely bright and breezy. all the latest on the warnings. too many to mention. it can be found on the bbc weather website. we would be back in half announcement. this is bbc news. the headlines at two: germany says its terrorism threat remains high, despite the killing of the main suspect in the berlin lorry attack. anis amri, who is a tunisian
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national, was killed in the early hours of the morning. an italian officer was injured. translation: there is no doubt that the person who was killed is anis amri, the suspect of the terrorist attack in berlin. we will be live in berlin shortly. the german chancellor angela merkel is due to speak to the press soon. passengers are being released from a libyan passenger plane was hijacked and forced to land in malta. this is the scene live at valletta international airport. it is believed that two hijackers on board have hand grenades.
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